Focus Area

We don’t just focus on Jeep safaris but a whole array of safari activities encompassing Mountain Drives, Walking trails, Bird watching Trails, Night safaris, Camping & Customized Tours. We are very keen to change the way people perceive Wildlife in the Indian Sub-Continent, take guests into the more remote and therefore less visited areas. We also organize Birding tours in Western Himalayas to some of the most known and unknown destinations across the Uttarakhand. Besides its mainstay of running wildlife Programs, Team Green Escape has been keenly engaged in conservation and community development activities which is now looked after by team of wildlife enthusiasts founded as a YALP - Youth for a living Planet in 2005. At Green escape we believe local people hold the future of the forests in their hands and can either help protect or destroy them. If we wish to conserve our forests, we must look after the needs of local people by helping to improve their ability to earn livelihoods, which in turn will help to enhance their standards of living. Addressing their needs is the key to ensuring the future of our natural habitats.