History of Jim Corbett National Park

The beauty of Jim Corbett National Park attracts all nature lovers from around the world. It is a national park which is located in the Nainital district of the northern state of Uttarakhand. It was the first national park in India, established in 1936 during the British Raj. It was named ‘Hailey National Park’ after William Malcolm Hailey, who was governor of the United Provinces, in which it was then located. In 1956 it was renamed ‘Corbett National Park’ after the hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett. He played a leading role in its establishment and died the year before.

The magical landscape of Corbett is famous because of the tigers. The park was the first one who came under the Project Tiger initiative in 1973. Jim Corbett National Park is part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Corbett Tiger Reserve covers an area of 1288.32 square kilometers. It includes two protected areas: Jim Corbett National Park (520.82 square kilometers) and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary (301.18 square kilometers) along with Reserve Forest (466.32 square kilometers).

The reserve is partly located along a valley between the lesser Himalaya in the north and the Shivaliks in the south and has a sub-Himalayan belt structure. The upper tertiary rocks are exposed towards the base of the Shivalik range and hard sandstone units form broad ridges. Longitudal valleys (Doons or Duns) can be seen formed along the narrow tectonic zones between lineaments.

Jim Corbett National Park has an altitude between 250 and 1200 meters. It has a humid subtropical and highland climate. The area covers hills, river banks, wetlands, grasslands and a dense forest. Forest covers almost 73% of the park and about 10% covers grasslands. It is a place with 488 different species of plants, 110 species of trees, 55 species of mammals, 580 species of birds and 25 species of reptiles.

General information

Established : 1936

Area : 520.82 square kilometers

Popular mammals : tiger, leopard, elephant, leopard cat, ghoral, hog deer, sloth bear, Indian pangolin and smooth coated otter.

Popular birds : species of owls, hornbills, woodpeckers, kingfishers, vulture, flycatchers, thrushes, long-tailed broadbill, wallcreeper, ibisbill, brown dipper and many more.

Forest type: dense moist deciduous forest and grassland.


Aahana Resort

Aahana means welcome the first rays of the rising sun in Sanskrit. With sustainability as its heart and warmth as its soul. It is a highly rated luxury resort, spread over 11 acres on the southern edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand. It is located between the dense jungles of the reserve and a local farming village. Aahana brings hospitality in a grand setting. It’s a place where luxury meets responsibility.

Paatlidun Safari Lodge

This wildlife luxury lodge captures the essence of unspoilt nature, combines it with Kumaoni hospitality and brings you the plushest retreat you will encounter in the untamed wilds. The resort is located at the edge of the park and is frequently visited by tuskers at night and wild boars who like to dig up the grounds.

Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort

A blissful cocoon amidst verdant nature providing a beautiful view of the scenic mountain ranges. It is located near the foothills of Nainital. The tranquil nature, unmatched hospitality and the mesmerizing location compels one to revisit this vibrant resort. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its neighboring hills, farms and forests.

Infinity Resorts Corbett

This resort is a luxurious nature resort spread over 22 acres. Amongst the longest running properties in Corbett, Infinity Resort’s Golghar or ‘round house’ has become the centerpiece of lodge design in the region. A few decades later, the Golghar still gets guests into its cosy interior. The resort is located amongst the foothills of the Himalayas, the mountain ranges, lush green forests and the river Kosi and will absolutely take your breath away.

Activities at Corbeet

Jungle safari

Corbett National Park offers you the possibilities for a jungle safari. You can choose a nature safari or do some bird watching and enjoy the precious nature. For the convenience of visitors and streamlining tourism management, Corbett Tiger Reserve has divided exclusive tourism zones. It is the core area where visitors can be part of wildlife safari. Each zone has a separate entry gate.

Zone Entry Gate

Buffer safari

The buffer zone is the area that adjoins the core area and helps in dispersing of wild animals. It is literally acting as a buffer for the core zone. It is a multiuse area where human habitation and other activities are permitted in a regulated manner. Adjoining to Corbett National Park is Sitabani. It is part of Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve. It is the home of leopards, tigers and more than 500 species of resident and migrating birds throughout the year.

Mountain drive

Something special Bhonkhal offers is ‘Sunrise Point’, which is the highest peak in Corbett. You can enjoy the magnificent sight of both river Kosi and Ramganga. If weather permits, let yourself be amazed by the long range of Himalayas with snowcapped mountains. A beautiful view! The surrounding area of Bhonkhal village is also known as ‘Kath Ki Nav’, which is 1150 meter above sea level and 32 kilometers from Dhikuli (Ramanagar).

Nature walk

We are specialized in nature walks. Because of our passion for wildlife, we keep exploring these jungle trails ourselves. We offer a variety of hiking possibilities, from a straightforward hike of a couple of hours to a full day hike with a fair bit of climbing. Join us on hikes through the beautiful reserve forest of Corbett and experience nature and wildlife like only a few people get to experience. The guided nature walks have different trails and routes. Some take you along the river beds of the river Kosi and some through the amazing forests. There are trails which crosses a suspension bridge over the river and others that lead to the Girija temple.

Bird watching

Uttarakhand is blessed with an incredible diversity of birds and it’s the home of nearly 700 species of birds. More than 500 species are found in Corbett. This makes this area one of the best places for bird watching due the large population of resident and migratory birds. The birds always attract our attention, due to their attractive colors, melodious calls and distinctive habits. Bird watching is one of the most popular activities that include wildlife observations.

Best circuits to be explored are: